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Daterra Estate Introductory Sample
Daterra Estate Introductory Sample

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Daterra is located in the Cerrado region. A region you’ll have a hard time finding on a map, since it’s not a political but an ecological region. It’s a very dry area with lots of small Savannah-like vegetation. The farm itself is located around 1100-1200 meters above sea level and measures a whooping 6.000 hectars of land – half of that, though, is actually reservation area, where no coffee is grown. 

To say Daterra is one farm, is technically incorrect as it is actually made up of three farms: Boa Vista, where the office, the Dry Mill and Quality Control Center is located, Tabuões neighbouring Boa Vista, and finally São João, which is pretty far away in the Sao Paulo state. 


There’s about 300 people employed full time year round at Daterra and an additional 150 during the harvest season. Luis Pascoal, the owner and visionary behind Daterra, is an amazing guy whose commitment to sustainable practices and innovation is unsurpassed. He bought the farm 18 years ago and within a decade it was already renowned throughout the specialty coffee world – not the least for it’s research, much of it done together with Illy in Trieste, Italy, specifically on growing and processing coffee for espresso. 

They were the first farm in the world to vacuum pack coffees instead of packing in jute sack. Their dry mill has machines that are state-of-the-art and some which Daterra even invented themselves. Daterra is committed to environmentally sustainable practices and is right now re-schooling all of his 4.000 employees. Daterra is one of the few coffee producers that is Rainforest Alliance Certified. 

Enjoy an introductory sample pack of this exquisite coffee offering from Daterra Estate. This sample pack will make 12 cups of the worlds finest coffee, artisan crafted by The Harbour Merchant Coffee Company. Simply add the sample pack to your cart and will mail you a free "This pots on us" sample. 

Note: Sample varieties are random samples of our Daterra offerings and are limited to one sample per address.  Samples are supplied in whole bean only.