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Costa Rica Honey Lum Fair Trade/Organic --> 1/2 lb.
Costa Rica Honey Lum    Fair Trade/Organic --> 1/2 lb.

Price: $9.50
Roast: Medium
Weight: 1/2 lb.



Honey process is an environmentally friendly method of processing ripe coffee cherries. Costa Rica, was the first to develop this method and currently, the honey processing technique is being developed in other producing countries all over the world.

The basic principle of the Honey method lies in picking only perfectly ripe cherries by measuring their sugar content during the ripening period.

At the end of each harvest day, freshly picked cherries are collected, weighted and pulped in manual or electrical pulpers. With their mucilage still fully attached, they are spread on “African” drying beds.

Depending on weather conditions, the usual drying cycle takes 10-12 days. At the end of this stage, the water content of the beans should is approx. 11 %.

The drying of the parchment with all the mucilage still attached has a direct impact on the sweetness of the cup. Honey coffees have generally very unique cup profile, characterized by its distinct sweetness, enhanced fruit notes and sweet acidity on the taste and aftertaste.