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Costa Rica LaAmistad Fair Trade --> 1/2 lb.
Costa Rica LaAmistad Fair Trade --> 1/2 lb.

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Price: $9.50
Roast: Medium/Medium Dark
Weight: 1/2 lb.


This is a tiny South American country with a tropical, rainy climate, over 78,000 coffee growers are responsible for one of the country's most important production activities. Men and women plant and harvest by hand more than 250,000 acres of coffee. Such productivity is made possible by volcanic soils, hard work and the respect Costa Ricans have for nature.

Coffee is the mainstay of their business and the reason for their existence. These coffee beans are shade grown, hand picked, selected for the hardest beans, then sun dried on large patios. LaAmistad coffee is referred to as “a classically complete coffee” – as sweet aroma, aromatic complexity, full body, pleasant acidity and delicate clean aftertaste with rich nutty undertones.

The small Tarrazu region, in the high mountains is located in the southern Pacific region south of the capital of Costa Rica, is the most densely planted high mountain altitude region, LaAmistad is celebrated as the region in Costa Rica for the best volcanic soils and highest altitudes. Because these coffee beans are grown at high altitudes on a rich volcanic soil, the shade grown coffee cherries ripen more slowly which give a much harder coffee bean with a rich and hearty flavour. It takes longer to roast the harder coffee bean from LaAmisted which results in a stronger and more dense flavour.