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Daterra Estate Bruzzi RFA Certified --> 1/2 lb.
Daterra Estate Bruzzi RFA Certified --> 1/2 lb.

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Price: $9.50
Roast: Medium/Medium Dark
Weight: 1/2 lb.


This is a farmed blend and little is known about this coffee as Daterra holds it tight. However it’s history is well documented and very impressive.

What we do know …

Bruzzi was a Gold Medal Espresso award winner at the Great Taste Awards Fine Food Retailers 2006, and is 
Rainforest Alliance Certified

Delivered to us in 12.5 kg vacuum packed foil bags (as opposed to the normal 60kg jute sacks), this is a serious coffee from a remarkable estate that leads by example.

Professionally pre-blended at Daterra estate, this is a truly beautiful, very soft, easy going and drinkable coffee. Don’t be fooled by the use of the term “espresso”; to dark roast this would be a shame.

A delightful coffee that doesn’t overdo it on the sweetness scale.

We are extremely impressed with the Daterra coffee estate. As such, you will always see a selection of some of their beans in our offering.

Daterra is a coffee grower and exporter best known for its innovative research, its respect for their workers, respect for the environment and its high quality coffee.

Some of the awards that stand to Daterra’s name include

• Cup of Excellence finalist in 2001;

• Best coffee from Brazil on the cupping for Quality by Rainforest Alliance in 2005 & 2008;

• Espresso Blend used by World Barista Champion Troels Poulsen in 2005;

• Espresso Blend used by World Barista Champion Klaus Thomsen in 2006;

• 4 out of the 6 WBC finalists used Daterra coffee in their blends in 2008;

• Daterra became a sustainable farm model by IllyCafè in 2008;

Daterra figures:

• 3,250 hectares of preservation land;
• 150,000 native trees planted;

• 14,000 tonnes of organic composting and over 15,000,000 coffee trees.

Daterra is committed to protecting the planet and its inhabitants. Its international certifications are the recognition of its responsible approach to coffee growing.

Daterra’s sustainable practices focus on:

• Optimizing the water-use in coffee processing;

• Treating and recycling the used water;

• Producing and using organic fertilizer (Bio-Mass);

• Preserving native forests, wildlife and waterfalls;

• Educating local communities about the importance of ecology.

• 50% of its lands have been designated as Natural Preservation Areas.